What were they carved on?

What were they carved on?

The slates in question come in a variety of sizes.  Some consist of hugh horizontal slabs above the kitchen range.  These can be 7 foot 6 inches  by 1 foot 8 inches in size, flanked by two slightly smaller uprights.

In bedrooms and parlours horizontal slates 4 foot by 1 foot with matching, or slightly smaller, uprights were the norm.

There are also a few narrower 5 foot by 5 inch slates in existence, carved in the same fashion, which stood originally between the feet of the dresser on the 3 inch high dampproof plinth, on which best furniture stood.  Some times the edge of the plinth is similarly carved.

A variety of small items were carved such as miniature chests of drawers, probably used as door stops, and minature Grandfather Clocks, books etc used as ornaments.

Assorted miniature chest of drawers in slate, used as door stops.

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