What was carved? (images)

What was carved?

The carvings on the slates range from concentirc circle patterns, which were the easiest to do, to a variety of freehand designs.

The concentric circle pattern is the most frequent motif.  It varies in size from a simple dot to a cricle 8 1/2 inches in diameter.  The circles can include 18 circles with a 5 inch diameter.  There are a great many examples and a great many different sizes.  A number of slates have only concentric circle patterns on them but they were also used as added decoration among freehand designs.  Many designs have vary varied and beautiful borders.

The freehand carvings are quite diverse and individually unique.  A number include names and dates. Some are reminiscent of samplers bearing a mixture of inrelated subjects. Others display recognizable local features like the Menai Suspension Bridge or an identifiable piece of music.  Quite often similar subjects have been included in the designs and some of these have been indexed.  To explore these click on the index terms below to open a sub page and see photos of the slates:

What were they carved on?
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